Changing market dynamics requires an accelerating pace of innovation in today’s increasingly competitive markets. New and advanced products from competition result in potential fall in market share as the products becomes less competitive over time. To be successful, companies need to continuously enhance their products through design optimization, feature additions and cost reduction keeping performance, quality and reliability of product as best-in-class. Product development teams spend their maximum effort in creating new products with improved performance and are significantly constrained on the inputs they can spend on value engineering of existing products.

IDEA provides a unique blend of technologies, services and expertise to help customers drive results across the entire product design and manufacturing realization process. Our G-VAVE solution helps reduce product design and manufacturing cost by optimizing product design.

G-VAVE is an integration of costing, product design and CAE analysis capabilities along with Geometric’s tools and methodologies to provide cost effective solution to optimize design, improve functionality, safety and reliability, optimize manufacturing process, tooling, material, labor and sourcing.