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With an increasing demand for superior products, companies analyze the existing products and benchmark them for possible design improvements. One of the ways to achieve this is ‘Reverse Engineering’, followed by ‘Re-Engineering’.


Geometric understands the need for building new designs using physical models, prototypes, and parts and has the right skills to create engineering detail of a product from various sources like physical parts, scanned cloud point data, or engineering drawings. From measurement of components, to creation of production drawings, we carry out all activities in a precise manner to ensure the best possible accuracy of a product. We have successfully completed reverse engineering projects of various components ranging from very small parts to large assemblies. Our capabilities include:


Tear-down Analysis

Physical Characterization

Material Characterization

CAD modeling of the parts and assemblies

Creation of preliminary drawings and assembly layout drawings

Tolerance allocation & tolerance analysis

Creation of manufacturing drawings

Baseline costing of the product and identifying key cost contributors


We offer other value added services like:


CAE analysis

Alternate design solutions or identifying areas for improvement

Re-engineering to develop new product keeping the reverse engineered product as base line


Key differentiators


Availability of domain expertise in multiple areas

Value added services like, DFMA, VA/VE, FE analysis, dimension management, optimization and product upgradation

Access to all accredited / certified laboratories and facilities

Digital Shape Sampling and Processing Technique ( DSSP ) and ability to develop custom built solutions