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hile introducing new products to global markets, companies are looking for localization of the product by adding country-specific components or features; so that it can perform under the operating conditions of a specific region. Though it is seemingly costly to produce localized products for international markets, it is becoming increasingly beneficial to localize the products and devices. In the process of product localization, there are various geographical, environmental, technological, legal, and cultural factors that impact the product design and development of the product.


IDEA is strategically positioned around the world and have sourced talent from native countries, to offer our customer a complete solution to address both the usability and functionality requirements of the target market, while ensuring regulatory compliance and relevant cultural synergies. Our product localization services provide measurable business value by reducing overall time to market, and providing considerable cost savings. Our capabilities include:


Understanding the operating conditions





Understanding and meeting functional requirement


Design validation,

Analysis (CAE/CFD)

Design modification

Identify, customize, redesign or

Replace Electro-Mechanical systems


Certification guidelines

Identification of various global certification agencies (example: CE, UL, ULC, ISI, BIS, GS, Energy Star, ARI, ASHRAE etc)

Certification and acceptance criteria ( information on ‘Must have’ and ‘Nice to have’)


Testing requirement

Identification of testing agency

Understanding of testing criteria and acceptance norms


Safety norms

Understanding of different safety requirement


Value addition to make product more competitive