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Today’s global competition means companies have to frequently employ new and high-end CAD system with advanced features to support their design and engineering needs. However, in practice, use of multiple CAD systems introduces significant issues of data compatibility, process complexity, and increased cost and time for translating CAD files back and forth. Hence, for companies working with multiple disparate CAD systems, best step forward is to standardize on a single CAD-authoring platform At IDEA, we realize the need to migrate the engineering data with highest quality and minimal effort on the part of product engineers. We help in seamless migration of legacy data and digitization into latest CAD systems and model migration across different CAD platforms. Our team delivers highest quality models that incorporate manufacturing and design intent of your design to make future redesign steps easier and streamline wastage of effort in downstream applications.

Over 1000 person years of migration expertise

Handled single largest migration engagement size of more than 150 person years

Proprietary processes and tools

In-house developed best practices for migration of castings, plastics, sheet metal and electrical harness

High quality standards for geometry and methods

Large repository of migration tools ready for deployment

We have significant experience in legacy data migration for industries such as automotive, aerospace, heavy equipments, industrial machinery, off-highway, medical equipments,etc.